" I'm a better bike builder than a bike rider. "



When I was a little boy I really liked the girls and machines. Everything began with this.



The hollow blade profile of the front fork, the ovality of the frame and the convex shape of the rear fork well reflects the serious engineering work. I bow my head in respect to this work of art. I produce all parts with my own hands in my workshop - oval frame, spokes, screws, bearings, etc. These machines are not disposable but artworks. They have been designed for exciting routes and long life to give the owner lots of happy miles and moments. The rider can experience the feeling of being a cycling hero as Thomas Stewens, Igali Svetozár and György Borbély in the past or Sándor Halápi in the present felt themselves during their long and adventurous journey. I can satisfy any need from my many-year experience.